Group training

Couples & Friends Group Training

Group training at Be Envied Personal Training

*  Groups of 2-3 friends/family

  /couples wanting to workout 

  together at same time.

*  Exercise and program structure 

   built around fitness levels of each 

   individual in the group.

*  Reduced personal training rates 

   available depending on group 


*  Program structure to keep all 

   members of group motivated.

Beginner Group Training

Group training Be Envied Personal Training

*  Exercises for people new to 

  fitness or for those who have not 

  exercised for more than 6 months.

*  Modified exercises based on 

   current fitness level of each 


*  Workouts that build up base 

   fitness levels efficiently and 


*   Maximizing fat loss exercises.

Bridal Bootcamp

Group trainingn at Be Envied Personal Training

*  Maximum weight loss exercises specifically for toning and/or weight loss 

   prior to upcoming wedding.

*  Fitness Assessments and testing monitoring each group members' 


*  Interval training and structural resistance training designed to melt off 

   unwanted fat.